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Ekadashi in 2023

Ekadashi in 2023

The eleventh day of every lunar month is considered a spiritual day in Hinduism and is called Ekadashi. Ekadashi is a day of partial or complete fasting and this fast is not only about food but also about restrictions on the five networks, their organs and also the mind. On Ekadashi days, the body is more easily purified, so it heals, renews and rejuvenates. Ekadashi is not a diet but a spiritual fast. According to the Hindu calendar, this day comes 24 times a year or twice a month. Fasting is easy on Ekadashi days, and fasting helps improve the digestive, respiratory and circulatory functions.

What are the rules of the post?
● Take a shower in the morning
● Try to avoid negative emotions, irritation, judgment and conflict.
● Limit TV viewing and Internet use.
● Meditate, listen to relaxing music and relax.
● Calm your mind and inner dialogue.

In the event that fasting is contraindicated for you, on this day you can buy vegetables (fruits, fruit juices, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, some nuts and dairy products. Do not eat legumes, honey, meat, fish and especially rice .

Dates in 2023

● January - 3.18
● February - 1.16
● March - 3.18
● April - 1.17
● May-1, 4, 30 p.m
● June -15.29
● July - 14,28
● August - 14.27
● September - 11.26
● October - 10.25
● November -8,16
● December - 9.24

Ekadashi starts on a month's status data and breaks on the next day. Food containing grains or legumes is eaten symbolically.

The Vedas say that if one abstains from food, water and sexual intercourse during Ekadashi, one purifies one's karma accumulated up to that moment and removes the effect of one's negative actions, thereby positively influencing one's future. Be good and do good on this blessed day.Ekadashi brings prosperity.

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