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How to get vitamin C naturally during the winter?

How to get vitamin C naturally during the winter?

Vitamin C is vital for the functioning of the human body, especially when we are subjected to unpleasant viruses and colds. It plays an important role in supporting the blood vessels in good health and in maintaining normal levels of dopamine in the body.

It is much better to take the vitamin in a natural way than in the form of pharmaceutical tablets.

So, we in Himalaya decided to direct you to few fruits, vegetables, and herbs very rich in Vitamin C, to help your body in the winter

The Amla Fruit is unknown to most people. It has healing properties and has been known to Indians for more than 3000 years. According to Ayurvedic text by Charaka Samhita, Amla is considered a symbol of good health.

This fruit is an important source of Vitamin C, a number of minerals and amino acids. The fruit contains three times more protein and vitamin C than the apple. And it may sound surprising, but it is the fruit with the highest content of Vitamin C than any other natural source.

According to researchers from the Institute of Natural Medicine (Toyama University, Japan), Amalaki is a useful antioxidant that helps fight the body with free radicals during aging. Of course, as a country that is far from India, finding Amla is not an easy task. Himalaya offers an easy solution - Amla C - a natural food supplement with Amla!

Another source of Vitamin C is Asterola - a cherry tree species grown in the regions of Barbados and South America. These small cherry-like fruits are actually very useful for the body, especially because of the high amount of vitamin C in them. In addition, they are rich in carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, fiber, lipids, calcium and protein. The content of vitamins and minerals varies depending on how ripe the fruit is.

In appearance, these red fruits resemble to cherries very much, but, unlike them, acerola is sourer to taste. In Bulgaria it is difficult to get this fruit, but we in Himalaya offer nutritional supplements that will do the same job.

If you caught an unpleasant flu or a cold, the way to deal with it is very simple - eat some hot peppers! Not only will the nose and the airways clear, but you will get the right amount of Vitamin C. A curious fact is that the amount of vitamin C depends on the color of the pepper, with the yellow content being the first - 184 mg per 100 grams. Green peppers have the lowest content - approximately 132 mg per pepper.

Although we think about Vitamin C, only when we catch flu or cold, this vitamin has much more benefits than we think. Such as the fact that it can counteract the hormones and stress that accumulate in the body and provoke the accumulation of fat in the waist.

For greater convenience, Himalaya offers herbal supplements created by a special Ayurvedic recipe. All of our products undergo long-term research, clinical trials and tests to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Explore our wide range of herbal products!

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