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Indian Gooseberry, Emblic Myrobalan

Indian Gooseberry, Emblic Myrobalan

Sanskrit/Indian name: Amalaki, Dhatriphala, Amla, Aovla

General information:

Emblic Myrobalan is revered in Ayurveda. It is one of the three key ingredients in the formulation Triphala, a herbal compound that provides overall support for digestive function and helps ensure that the digestive tract works at optimal levels. 

The fruit is an important source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. It contains three times the protein concentration and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) concentration than apple.

Researchers at the Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama, Japan, called Emblic Myrobalan a very useful antioxidant to support normal oxidative stress levels during the body's natural aging process. 

Therapeutic constituents:

Emblic Myrobalan is highly nutritious and is an important dietary source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. The dominant active constituent of the herb is a group of tannins derived from Gallic and ellagic acids, which make up a large portion of the extractable non-nutritive constituents. All of these constituents work together to enhance immunity, rejuvenate skin, combat premature aging and hyperacidity.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • As a rejuvenative herb, it nourishes body tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process.

  • As a powerful antioxidant, Emblic Myrobalan helps scavenge free radicals linked to premature aging.

  • It helps in building the body’s immune system and provides resistance against many diseases, especially those of the respiratory tract.

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