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When you walk into the cosmetic aisle of a super market, you are invariably met with rows and rows of beauty products for skin and hair. There is however, a science behind this madness. The trick is to understand how to smartly incorporate them into your beauty regimen.
According to Ayurveda, there are 3 human skin types – Vata (dry), Pitta (sensitive) and Kapha (oily), each warranting a unique treatment, based on 3-point agenda- cleanse, nourish and moisturize.

Deep Cleanse:

Cleansing can come in the form of a balanced diet devoid of soda, processed salt and sugar, and excess oil (especially for people with oily skin). Dietary supplements like Manjishta help detox the entire digestive and immune system, purifying the blood and making you feel fresh and alive!
Low immunity and unhealthy lifestyles in today’s cities may lead to health complications like liver damage, respiratory disorders and ulcers – all of which can be avoided with the vital herb, Haridra or Turmeric (Curcuma longa), often used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also known to enhance complexion and skin tone.

Nourishment :

Ayurveda always stresses on maintaining a strong and healthy internal system, which eventually leads to a clean and natural external glow. Whole foods and a vegetarian diet are among some of the best beauty practices acknowledged by experts and those who have tried the lifestyle. People with extra sensitive skin should take additional care – avoid long sun exposure and consuming hot, spicy foods.
The right balance of rest and exercise : Sleep and exercise stimulate the growth hormone, which allows more production of collagen and elastin to keep your skin taut. Exercise promotes sweating, helping the body rid of toxins, increases blood circulation and calms the mind. Sleep on the other hand, allows your body to rejuvenate before it restarts the activities of the day.

Creams and Moisturizers :

Ayurveda suggests using ubtans – pastes made from herbs, flours, and select legumes – to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, and then moisturizing with organic unrefined oils. In addition, creams that have the extract of Manjishta helps improve uneven pigmentation, eczema, acne and other skin allergies. It can double up as a foot cream too in case of blisters or scab wounds. A handy solution to skin trouble is Himalaya’s Acne-n-Pimple Cream, which treats pimples and skin eruptions, blackheads and white heads without irritating the skin or causing burns.

Hair woes:

Hair fall is one of the earliest signs of stress and malnutrition. Up to 100 strands falling a day is normal – substantially more hair fall might be a cause of worry. The natural, best known remedy to this are herbs like Bhringaraja and Amla that nourish hair from the roots and strengthen the follicles. A combination of these can be found in Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Creamwhich uses these ingredients in its tonic for growing thick, healthy hair.
So remember, the only way one can obtain the elusive inner beauty and glow is by balancing all the above disciplines together. While cosmetic beauty has its perks, achieving it the natural way pays off when you look into the mirror!


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