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Dairy products in Ayurveda


Milk, yogurt, eggs and other dairy products require a lot of energy for digesting. Dairy products are too salty and greasy for Pitta and Kapha Dosha, while digestion for Vatta Dosha is impeded.


To improve digestion of dairy products, it is advisable to eat them with warming spices such as onions, black or red pepper and fresh basil. According to Ayurveda the heating spices rouse agni (the digestive fire) and thus facilitate grinding.


In Ayurveda uses the term "okasatmya" which means that any kind of lifestyle and diet, followed for a long time, may become harmless, because the system gets used to it. In case milk diet occupies a large part of your’ and your ancestors’ cuisine, it is possible that dairy foods are not so harmful for your personal body constitution.  

In Ayurvedic treatment consummation of ghee (clarified butter which increases the absorption of food) is highly recommended. Promotes the absorption of food because it’s easier to digest than normal butter.


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