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Eaten in its raw state, Walnut has a host of therapeutic benefits.  Recent studies have shown that Walnuts contain a large amount of fatty acids, which are known to reduce triglyceride levels.

Walnut also contains a wealth of other nutrients, which include vitamins B and E and fiber. Apart from the nut itself, Walnut shells act as exfoliating micro-particles and contain acids that are antiseptic and astringent. Walnut kernels are often added to exfoliating scrubs.

Therapeutic constituents:

Walnuts are rich in vitamins B and E, fiber, magnesium, protein and other nutrients. Fatty acids, including geranic acid, alpha- and beta-pinene, cincole, limonene, beta-eudesmol and juglone are found in Walnut, which give the nut its triglyceride-lowering properties.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • Walnuts are known to lower cholesterol levels.

  • Walnut kernels also act as exfoliating agents, which cleanse the and eliminate toxins.

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