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Latin name: Calendula officinalis (Linn.) (Asteraceae) (Combretaceae), Terminalia belerica

Sanskrit/Indian name: Zergul

General information:

Calendula is considered beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing. Historically, Calendula was used by soldiers in the American Civil War to stop bleeding and to quicken the healing of wounds. According to a study conducted at Universitatea de Medicina Farmacie, Romania, skin healed within three days of topical application of the herb. It is an effective remedy for a variety of skin diseases, skin ulcerations, eczema, juvenile acne and dry phthiriasis. The flower extracts also help in treating gynecological disorders.

Key therapeutic benefits:


  • The flower treats superficial wounds and promotes new skin growth.
  • Calendula is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal and gynecological disorders.


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