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Takzema Ointment

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  1. Eczema  (Atopic Dermatitis)
  2. Contact Dermatitis


1) Local application of ointment controls dryness, irritation, itching & scratching of the skin.
2) Systemic administration helps in correcting the immune dysfunction.


1) Bath only with mild soaps and when bathing keep the temperature of water-cool or warm not hot.
2) Moisturize your skin coconut oil or other moisturizer, they prevent skin crack.
3) Drink plenty of water & fruit juice.


1) Avoid fish ,eggs, peanuts, soy or things causing allergies.
2) Avoid scratching the irritated area on your skin even if it itches
3) Eczema flares up when you are under stress so try to cope up with your stress


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