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You should pay for the products you have ordered by cash on delivery. Shipment is executed by courier companies “Evroput” and “Interlogistika” to your address. Shipping price on the territory of Bulgaria is shown in the table below. It depends on whether you want delivery to your door or you will get your package from an office of “Evroput”, or from our office (32 Ami Boue Str.). If there is no office of “Evroput” in your settlement, you should choose delivery to your door. Prices of the products are fixed for supply up to 2 kg. All prices include VAT and are in Bulgarian leva /BGN/.  If you want to take your order from our office, delivery price will not be paid. Orders are fulfilled within 3 working days depending on place of delivery. 


Value of your order in leva /BGN/

Up to 20 lv.

From 20 to 30 lv.

From 30 to 40 lv.

From 40 to 50 lv.

From 50 to 60 lv.

Above 60  lv.

Value of your order to your door

6. 00 lv. 

5. 00 lv. 


4. 00 lv.

3. 00 lv.

1.50 lv. 


0.00 lv.

Value of your order if picked up from "Evroput" office

4. 80 lv. 

3. 80 lv. 

2. 80 lv.  



1. 00 lv. 


0.00 lv.

0.00 lv.

Value of your order if picked up from our office 0.00 lv.   0.00 lv.  0.00 lv.  0.00 lv.   0.00 lv.   0.00 lv.