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HiOra Gum-Kit

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HiOra Toothpaste supports management of gingival inflammation and infection by improving the oral hygiene. Helps to prevent gum bleeding and improves healthy looking teeth. The astringent and antiseptic properties of the ingredients in HiOra-GA Gel helps prevent further recurrence of gingivitis by
improving mouth hygiene. Helps to prevent gum bleeding and strengthen gums. The gel refreshes breath and support fighting bacteria in the oral cavity.

  • Helps to reduce gum inflammation
  • Fights bacteria in oral cavity
  • Prevents gum bleeding & tightens gums
  • Helps reduce plaque formation
  • Fluoride free
  • 100% Vegetarian

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HiOra GA Gel 15 ml


Controls gingivitis:The astringent and antiseptic properties of HiOra-GA Gel address gingivitis of various etiologies. It is a hemostatic (stops bleeding) that prevents gum bleeding and helps in strengthening gums. The gel reduces gum inflammation, heals wounds, refreshes breath and kills bacteria in the oral cavity.

Pain relief:Its natural ingredients act as an analgesic to reduce pain inside the mouth.

Periodontitis: HiOra-GA Gel inhibits matrix metalloproteinases induced tissue destruction, which is one of the predominant factors in periodontitis or gum disease.

HiOra Toothpaste 50 g


  • Reduces gingival inflammation
  • Reduces gingival infection
  • Reduces gum bleeding and improves gum health




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